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Boot Fitting

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Boot Fitting

Boot Fitting Appointments | Step into the world of precision and comfort with our expert bootfitting team. Meet Mac, Amanda, Andy, Jameson, and Oliver - the maestros behind the perfect fit. Elevate your skiing experience with our unparalleled expertise, ensuring every turn is as smooth as the service you'll receive.

Walk ins are also welcome, however please book to guarantee that there's a bootfitter available for when you visit.

$60 deposit required

The deposit is needed to satisfy the "No Show Policy" that will result in a $60 fee for missed appointments.

The deposit will be put towards labor costs involved with adjusting the boot after the appointment and any remaining amount will be returned to you.

Please notify Critical Parts at bootfit@revelstokemountainresort.com as soon as possible and no later than at least 30 minutes prior to my appointment to avoid the $60 fee.

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