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Mountain Bike Season Pass

Enjoy unlimited use of the new mountain bike trails via the Revelation Gondola this summer. Experience mountain biking at Revelstoke Mountain Resort with a top to bottom trail running our full 5,620ft vertical. | Please visit the Guest Services or use our Pick Up Boxes outside Guest Services to pick up tickets. Guest Services desk is located at the base of the Resort in the Sutton Place Hotel. We will provide full refunds for all unclaimed Mountain Bike, no questions asked. Mountain Bike tickets are non-refundable once the RFID pass has been scanned. For more information please visit www.revelstokemountainresort.com/policies or email our bookings team at 1-866-373-4754 or by email at rmrbookings@revelstokemountainresort.com.

Season Pass Refund and Fraud Policies:

Season Passes are non-refundable once the full value of the pass has been used. Refunds will be based case by case. All MTB Season Pass refund requests MUST be emailed to info@revelstokemountainresort.com. Please allow up to 7 business days for a response.

Season Pass Fraud Policy:
  • Passholders are responsible for any misuse while their pass is not in their possession. Any lost of stolen passes should be reported immediately to Guest Services.
  • Passholder caught transferring, selling and or sharing their pass will be reported to the RCMP and will be subject to a $150 fine and a 2-week operating day suspension.
  • If your pass is reported stolen after being caught on someone else, an RCMP report detailing the theft will be required before issuing a replacement pass.
  • Future riding privileges at Revelstoke Mountain Resort will be revoked until any outstanding fines are paid in full and the suspension period has passed.

  1. RIDE IN CONTROL AND WITHIN YOUR ABILITY LEVEL. You must be able to stop and avoid other people or objects. You must understand bike park signage, trail ratings and trail progression. Start slow and small. Ride trails and features matching your ability.
  2. PROTECT YOURSELF. Helmets are mandatory in Bike Parks and strongly recommended on all other trails. Other protective equipment is strongly recommended.
  3. DO NOT RIDE if your ability or judgement is impaired by drugs, alcohol or fatigue.
  4. INSPECT AND MAINTAIN YOUR BIKE or have it checked by a qualified bike mechanic before you ride.
  5. OBEY SIGNS AND WARNINGS. Stay on marked trails. Do not cut switchbacks and keep off of closed areas.
  6. INSPECT TRAILS AND FEATURES. Conditions change constantly on trails and features. Inspect features before use and throughout the day.
  7. BE LIFT SMART. Make sure you have the physical dexterity, ability and knowledge to safely load, ride and unload lifts when riding at lift access resorts. Ask for assistance with chairlifts and surface lifts if unsure.
  8. LOOK OUT FOR OTHERS. Avoid riders ahead of you. They have the right of way. Yield to other riders when entering a trail.
  9. BE VISIBLE. Do not stop where you obstruct a trail or are not visible from above.
  10. COOPERATE. If you are involved in or witness a Collision or accident, you must identify yourself to the Bike Patrol, staff member or local authority.



The trails of Revelstoke Mountain Bike Park are rough and demanding on both the bike and body. Before riding always inspect your equipment or have it checked by a qualified bike mechanic.
  1. Ensure your helmet is in good shape and properly adjusted
  2. Inspect bike frame for cracks, damaged or dented areas.
  3. Ensure you have sufficient brake pad to stop your bike while descending.
  4. Front and rear axles (skewers) should be tight.
  5. Headset and stem must be secure with no looseness or play.
  6. Check that your tires are in good condition, with no tears or cuts in the sidewall.
  7. Handle bar and handle grips must be tight and unable to spin. Seat and seat post need to be fastened securely

Important Information about the Bike Park
  • Use of the Bike Park involves the risk of injury. You control the degree of risk you will encounter in using the trails and features in the Bike Park.
  • Do not attempt any of the trails or features unless you have sufficient ability and skill to do so safely. Always ride in control and within your ability level.
  • Helmets are mandatory in the Bike Park and protective padding is strongly recommended. Full suspension bikes are recommended.
  • The Bike Park is not recommended for first time cyclists, without proper instruction.
  • All inexperienced riders under age 13 should have the consent of a parent or guardian to ride in the Bike Park unaccompanied by an adult.
  • Downhill riding only. Uphill riding and hiking in the Bike Park only permitted on climb trails.
  • Be aware of changing conditions on trails and features. It is your responsibility to inspect trails and features before using them.
  • Stay off access roads. Stop at all road crossings.

As with many adventure sports, riding in the Bike Park involves the risk of injury, including serious injury, head injury, paralysis or death. The risk of injury increases with the degree of difficulty of the trail and the speed of descent. Although the risk of injury can never be eliminated, the rider can manage the risk through controlling speed and choosing terrain appropriate for the rider’s skill and experience. Orientation sessions, lessons, clinics and coaching offered through the Bike Park will also assist the rider in managing the risk of injury.

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