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Experience the most vertical in North America all season long! Get unlimited access to Revelstoke Mountain Resort next winter. Not only do you have the flexibility to ski and ride as much as you want, but you also receive access to exclusive discounts and perks.|


Under no circumstances will a refund or credit be given to passholders that do not purchase the refund option.

  • The Refund Option must be purchased concurrently with the Season Pass at a cost of $29/person or $79/family.
  • Usage, as it relates to refunds, includes spring access for all new passholders, but does not include summer hiking/sightseeing usage.
  • If a parent, spouse, or child (under the age of 19) is also a refundable passholder and chooses to cease participation due to a family member's injury or sickness, he or she is also eligible to a refund. The associated family member must be a passholder at Revelstoke Mountain Resort. The refund is limited to one additional claimant.

Season Passes will be refunded based on the following criteria:

  • Debilitating injury/illness that prevents participation in skiing or snowboarding for at least 30 consecutive days. A doctor's note is required.
  • Passholder's current employer requires a residential relocation of at least 300km from Revelstoke. The transfer must take place at least 45 days after the pass purchase date and must be involuntary.

The Refund Option does not include:

  • Intentional self-injury or pre-existing injury.
  • Voluntarily leaving the area for work or travel, or any other change in employment status other than a transfer by current employer.
  • Environmental and mechanical circumstances such as fire, vandalism, labor disputes, weather conditions, or mechanical failures.
  • Travel plan cancellations - i.e. deciding to not travel to Revelstoke.


Date of Claim

Refund Amount

0-4 Days

5-14 Days

15+ Days

Prior to December 15, 2023



No refund

Prior to January 15, 2024



No refund

Prior to February 15, 2024



No refund

After February 15, 2024

No refund

No refund

No refund

All refund requests will be processed according to the schedule above. No exceptions. All refund requests are subject to the discretion of Revelstoke Mountain Resort.



  • Guests must have a valid lift ticket or season pass on their person at all times. Guests may encounter ticket checking at any lift including the Stoke and Ripper chairlifts.
  • All age cutoffs are based on the Season Start. Those turning 65 after the date of purchase but before December 31, 2023 may purchase their pass at the Senior rate.
  • Season Passes are not transferable and will be revoked for misuse, foul language, or violation of the Alpine Responsibility Code. Passholders caught transferring, selling and/or sharing their pass will be reported to the RCMP and will lose their skiing/snowboarding privileges for the remainder of the season.
  • Passholders are responsible for any misuse while the pass is not in their possession. Any lost or stolen passes should be reported immediately to Guest Services.
  • A $500 fine will apply if you attempt to on-sell your pass to another person or anyone other than the passholder is caught using your pass. Pass privileges may still be revoked even after the fine has been paid.
  • All passholders must sign a Release of Liability form prior to receiving their Season Pass.
  • Passholders must show proof of age and address when picking up passes.
  • Season Passes remain the property of Revelstoke Mountain Resort and are for recreational use only.
  • Passholders caught skiing/snowboarding in a closed area will have their skiing/snowboarding privileges revoked for the season with no refund.
  • Stay in Bounds! There will be an automatic minimum $1,000 rescue cost for people assisted by RMR staff outside the Ski Area Boundary.
  • A $5 administration fee will be charged to reprint any lost/forgotten season pass.


Our goal at Revelstoke Mountain Resort is to provide a quality skiing/riding experience for all of our guests. As a Season Passholder, you are required to abide by the code listed below. Passholders caught in violation of any of the points below will have their skiing/riding privileges revoked and be responsible for any associated fines.

  • Abide by the Alpine Responsibility Code.
  • Be cordial and respectful to all fellow skiers/riders and employees.
  • Respect all area closures and slow zones.
  • Refrain from using any profane or abusive language in all public areas.
  • Smoking in non-designated areas including but not limited to Gondolas, Chair Lifts, and mazes are not tolerated.
  • Alcohol consumption is restricted to licensed areas at the Resort.
  • Zero tolerance of narcotics use.
  • Be accountable for your own actions.

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